Vstrip COVID-19 Antigen Rapid Test

Works rapidly to analyse nasopharyngeal secretions

Vstrip Antigen Rapid Test for Covid-19 provides a Result with a High Level of Accuracy

  • The VSTRIP COVID 19 Antigen Rapid Test detects the presence of SARS-COV-2 antigens in a same taken from the respiratory track
  • The test detects the presence of the virus at the moment the infection begins
Virus infection

The Antigen Rapid Test is the Ultimate Solution

Viral RNA or DNA PCR

● Equipment dependent
● Trained technicians required
● High cost
● Long hours

Blood Antibody Immunoassay

● Only detectable after 2 or more days and when there is an immune system response
● Low accuracy (body immune system to COVID 19 is unclear)

Antigen Rapid Test

● Directly detects viral antigen
● High sensitivity

Antigen Rapid Test

● Easy operation 
● Low cost
● Results available within 10 minutes

The Analytical Performance of Vstrip will Address all Concerns

Analytical Performance Will Address All Concerns

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